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 EMC Test,EMC Compliance,SCADA,TEMPEST,FCC UL compliance testing,COMSEC,Shielding

EMC Test,EMC Compliance,SCADA,TEMPEST,FCC UL compliance testing,COMSEC,Shielding

COS, Inc. is a high technology engineering services and manufacturing company which deals primarily with the design, testing and prototype production of consumer, commercial and military hardware and software systems. We specialize in product certification with all the agencies, including FCC, UL, CUL, CEMark, VCCI, and CTIC. We also offer custom design services, and specialize in high efficiency power supplies, and industrial control and communication systems. Our offices are located in Ben Lomond, Santa Cruz county, Ca.

COS's products are often used in applications requiring rugged, stand alone, field deployed systems. Our products have been selected for use in both commercial and military applications, and have established a reputation for reliability and service.

Supplementing our testing services and product offerings, the company's basic business mission includes the offering of contract design services, to staff and supplement client engineering teams.

Our areas of expertise include the design of shielded facilities, using low cost common architectural materials (Architectural Shielding), EMI/EMC and noise reduction, Power systems engineering, Grounding systems, Communications and Data Distribution Systems engineering, and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems engineering. Our staff has been instrumental in pioneering the development of control systems for applications in the fields of transportation, fisheries and aquaculture management, agriculture and other areas.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work with client groups, resolving the critical issues associated with the design of process systems. This includes: facilities and process design, EMI and noise reduction, grounding and power, signal and data distribution, determining the required (and most cost effective) sensors, controls and related peripherals, integrating site security systems, developing related application specific software, developing procedures, training personnel, and transitioning systems through the final testing and turnover to the customer. Our team can also provide assistance working through the regulation process with various governmental and state agencies.

Variations in client working relationships are offered, including comprehensive Consultation Services.

EMC Test,EMC Compliance,SCADA,TEMPEST,FCC UL compliance testing,COMSEC,Shielding
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