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 EMC Test,EMC Compliance,SCADA,TEMPEST,FCC UL compliance testing,COMSEC,Shielding

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As a scientific and engineering company, COS Inc. offers a full range of services to government and industry, including analysis, testing, evaluation, hardware design, and manufacturing. One of the major facets of our business is in the performance of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) consulting, and related testing services.

Our highly skilled consulting, design and testing expertise extends through the entire procurement process, from proposal/planning and conceptual design to final system check out and acceptance testing. Our focus can be as broad or narrow as the situation requires.

We are affiliated with several local, national and international EMC and TEMPEST certified test facilities to provide timely and cost effective services to our clients.

COS maintains a highly qualified technical staff of engineers and technicians in order to provide a quick reaction capability for our clients, across the US and Canada, for small and large jobs. We employ some of the best known and most highly respected professionals in the EMC, TEMPEST and COMSEC communities. Our professionals have built outstanding reputations in various EMC/TEMPEST related areas and are well known within the closely knit community of EMC and TEMPEST engineers. A number of our staff members have 25 or more years of experience in their respective fields.   Please see our Consulting Services page for additional information on the entire scope of our Product Certification capabilities.

EMC Test,EMC Compliance,SCADA,TEMPEST,FCC UL compliance testing,COMSEC,Shielding
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