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 EMC Test,EMC Compliance,SCADA,TEMPEST,FCC UL compliance testing,COMSEC,Shielding

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COS provides engineering expertise and consulting service for product design and certification in the following areas:

  • EMP
  • Red/Black Engineering and Installations
  • FAA
  • ESD
  • Lightning
  • Grounding
  • Architectural Shielding Design/Test

We offer to our clients both partial and total preparation of, and expert inputs for fully responsive:

  • Technical Proposals
  • Test Plans
  • Test Reports
  • Design Control Plans
  • Design and Analysis Reports
  • Certification Reports
  • In-house Specifications


Product Development Support

We provide prototype engineering support and product development services. We also provide test services for product manufacturing support, in the following areas:

  • FCC EMI Qualification Testing per Part 15, 18
  • VDE RFI Verification Testing per 0871/5
  • MIL-STD 461, 461B Qualification Testing
  • NACSIM 5100A, NST1SSAM TEMPEST/1-92 Qualification Testing
  • Electrostatic Discharge Testing
  • Power Line Disturbance Testing
  • Architectural Shielding Test
  • Shield Room Attenuation/Evaluation
  • On Site EMI Ambient/TEMPEST Surveys
  • Filter Attenuation and Shielding Materials Testing
  • EMI Testing to CISPR, CSA, FCC, & other National/International Specs
  • Automated test equipment and software support for on-line manufacturing EMC/TEMPEST testing


System EMC

COS offers engineering design and testing services for equipment and systems to meet the following specifications

  • MIL-STD-461/462
  • MIL-E-6051
  • MIL-STD-1818
  • MIL-B-5087
  • MIL-STD-704
  • Others

We offer design expertise in the areas of electromagnetic environment effects (E3), including EMI, EMC, EMP, P-static, HERO, RADHAZ and lightning for the military and commercial areas. Our design and test experience base includes electronic and communications systems deployed on ground/mobile, shipboard and airborne platforms.


Product EMI/EMC Testing

Our EMI/EMC affiliate's test facilities and equipment are fully automated and are among the most modern available. Because of our affiliations with several approved facilities across the country, we are able to provide convenient and timely test services to our clients for all levels of testing.

Depending upon the nature of the assignment and the time element involved, work can be performed at our clients' facilities and/or in the COS affiliate laboratories.

EMI test, including site surveys, are performed to resolve EMI problems as part of a developmental program or to demonstrate compliance with EMC specifications and requirements, including:

  • MIL-STD-461/2
  • HEW/FDA Medical
  • SAE J551
  • IEC-801-2 (ESD)
  • FCC
  • ANSI C95.1 - 1980
  • ASTM



Our TEMPEST test services are available for product endorsements, qualification, or characterization. We use several NSA (National Security Agency)-Endorsed TEMPEST Test Service Facilities staffed with CAP-Certified TEMPEST professionals. As a full-service independent company, we offer quick, on-site EMI scan testing, troubleshooting, and design support. We prepare control and test plans, provide formal testing and preparation of the final test reports. And, we assist in the final, and essential, coordination phase with NSA to achieve product endorsement.

COS can help you meet:

  • NACSIM 5100A
  • NACSEM 5112
  • KAG 30A/TSEC


RF Shielding Design

Our services include design, test, and consultation. We specialize in architectural shielding designs and the independent certification of shielded enclosures and facilities. We provide design and testing services for compliance to the following specifications:

  • NSA 89-02
  • NSA 65-6
  • NSA 73-2A
  • MIL-STD 285
  • NACSEM 5204
  • NACSIM 5203 etc...

We pioneered the development and implementation of low-cost shielding methods. We have proven techniques for applications ranging from black boxes to entire facilities.



We have extensive expertise in all facets of RED/BLACK Installations and TEMPEST zoning. Since 1984 we have used government-approved instrumentation and software for facilities zoning, testing, and TEMPEST laboratories for equipment characterizations. We specialize in resolving equipment/location mismatches using inexpensive source suppression and shielding enhancement techniques. We also do windows.



The simplest and most common method of obtaining our services is by the issuance of a purchase order and statement of work. As an alternative, we can work through a consulting agreement. Under certain circumstances, our engineering services can be obtained via a job-shop, time and materials contract. Consulting services, in conjunction with testing, are provided to customer specifications, as required. Confidentiality and proprietary agreements are strictly observed.

EMC Test,EMC Compliance,SCADA,TEMPEST,FCC UL compliance testing,COMSEC,Shielding
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